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97% of Small Business Marketing Doesn’t Work!

Only 3% of customers in any market are ‘Ready to Buy’ there and then.

That’s why marketing aimed at securing the sale there and then has a 97% chance of failure!
Small businesses that do well recognise this and tailor their Marketing Plan to suit – they don’t
waste their cash hoping to get lucky and hit the ‘Ready to Buy’ 3% at just the right time.

Instead they build relationships with the 40% of customers who intend to act soon or recognise they have a need (even if they aren’t ready to do anything about it right away).

That way, when someone is finally ready to act, they already Know, Like and Trust the business and they seek them out. And they also tend to quibble less about price!

If you understand this (and change your Marketing Plan to suit) it will transform your small business.

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