Small Business Owners – Your Marketing Tactics Aren’t Working!

I’ve just read a really good article that describes a big problem affecting many UK small businesses – they’re sold on the marketing tactics before they’ve worked out the right marketing strategy!

The article from is from the USA but even so it hits the nail on the head – which reminds me of a quote from Abraham Maslow (the psychologist best known for his Hierarchy of Needs)

‘I suppose it is tempting, if the only tool you have is a hammer, to treat everything as if it were a nail’

Or put it another way, if the only skills you have are web design services, to treat every client as in need of a new website!

Now I know that’s a little harsh and not all marketing service providers (or web designers!) will take this mercenary approach, but there’s a lot of sharks out there who would!

The issue is that small businesses tend to look on a project-by-project basis and go with single discipline service providers or at best agencies with particular areas of specialism (such as digital, direct mail etc)

I’ve just carried out a quick & dirty survey of small business owners and I wasn’t particularly surprised to find that 75% don’t have a written marketing plan, so at best they’re being reactive & making decisions on the hoof without a clear idea of what they are looking to achieve and the best ways to achieve them

Big budget agencies with planners and strategists are able offer a truly media neutral strategic approach but they’re out of reach of most small businesses and even if they could afford them, they may be intimidating to a small business owner

So often it’s left to the business owner to work out what they think they need and then go out and get someone to implement it, without necessarily having the tools at their disposal to first work out their most pressing marketing objectives then identify the strategy and tactics to achieve them

So what’s the solution for small business owners? Either to acquire the skills allowing them to to identify the objectives & strategy first – or work with a marketing strategist to assist or prepare this for them

Have a read of the original article from here

So if you’re about to implement some marketing “stuff”, stop to think if you’ve really thought about whether it is going to meet your most important objectives and if

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