The Small Business Secret Every Small Business Owner Needs To Know…

Do You Want To Know The Small Business Secret To Grow Your Profits, Reduce Your Stress & Increase Your Family Time?

It’s really not what you might think!!

Running a Small Business is like an emotional rollercoaster!

When business is good, you’re a happy, relaxed and a joy to be around!

When business is not so good, you’re tired, stressed and don’t spend enough time with your loved ones…

Does that sound about right?

If you found a Quick, Easy & Free Small Business Secret that could make an immediate positive impact to your business? Would that make you happier?

Well, this Small Business Secret is not a revolutionary technical advance, it’s not a breakthrough new app or system – it’s actually a tried and tested method that’s guaranteed results for decades

It’s a written Marketing Plan

Whoaah there! Don’t switch off – I know what you’re thinking!

  • It’s too complicated!
  • I wouldn’t know where to start!
  • It’ll take me too long!
  • It’s just for big businesses, not for little me!
Wrong, wrong, wrong and wrong!

Having a written Marketing Plan can be;

  • Simple
  • Easy
  • Quick

And absolutely will benefit all businesses, BIG or small!

You can have a Marketing Plan that fits on a couple of pages or even one page

There’s plenty of free templates and guides to help you get the right information down on paper

It really shouldn’t take you long to complete, you know your business inside out after all!

It shocked me to learn that fewer than 50% of all small businesses have a written Marketing Plan.

It’s even more shocking when you think of the clear business benefits you can get from having a written Marketing Plan!

Do You Want A Written Marketing Plan In 10 Minutes?

Download Your FREE ’10 Minute Marketing Plan’ Workbook

You’ll understand what you want to achieve (otherwise known as your Marketing Strategy) before starting to think about how to achieve it (otherwise known as your Marketing Tactics).

Many small business owners get too caught up in the Tactics, such as social media, networking & advertising without giving a moment’s thought to whether or not they are right for their customers or likely to meet their business objectives…

This leads them to wasting money on marketing that is never going to work – chances are you wouldn’t try to market to your 90 year old Great Grandma through Snapchat – but so many businesses make exactly this sort of mistake with a marketing message or choice of media that’s totally wrong for their target customer.

“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” Sun Tzu (The Art of War)

Having a written Marketing Plan get’s everyone together – it gives everyone in the business something shared to focus on so that all parts of the business can pull together in the same direction!

Sales will no longer be fighting with Marketing. Or at least not about your Marketing Strategy..!

A written Marketing Plan will reveal what makes you different from everyone else & will make you think about why your customers really buy from you – which often is not the reason you’d initially come up with.

When you know these 2 things it’s far easier to communicate something that makes you stand out and  emotionally connect with your prospects & customers – it also takes you away from just being a commodity that’s traded on price.

It will focus your mind and your budget on your key marketing objectives, which should be:

  • Attracting new customers
  • Selling more stuff to your current customers

If it’s not doing either of the above it’s not effective marketing. No arguments. ‘Getting Your Name Out There’ just doesn’t cut it in this day & age…

If you have a Marketing Plan and you’re sticking to it, it will prevent you from making short term panic decisions or your being sold the latest bright shiny new marketing thing that plainly is not right for your business or customers.

So there’s clearly a number of powerful benefits which will helps your business, but what about how this could really affect your numbers?

Just think, if having a Marketing Plan meant you increased your number of sales, average transaction value and profit margin by just 10% each that would increase your profits by 33%.

That’s going from £100,000 profit to £133,000.

Could you afford to take that well-earned family holiday?

Would your partner be able to go part-time or not have to work?

Can you take someone on so you don’t have to work as long hours or go in at the weekends?

How much could the business grow if you reinvested that extra profit back into the business?

There’s so many benefits to having a written Marketing Plan & it’s such a shame that more small businesses don’t have one…

To help small business owners overcome their objections of it taking too long or not knowing what to write I’ve created ‘The 10 Minute Marketing Plan’


As the name suggests, it only takes 10 minutes to complete!

It will guide you through the questions you need to answer to identify:

  • Your best product or service to promote
  • Your ideal customer
  • What you need to communicate to connect with your customers emotionally
  • How you capture their email addresses, even before they’re ready to buy!
  • What to do with their email addresses once you have them
  • How to sell more to your current customers
  • How to systematically generate referrals