Why ‘The Blue Planet’ Is Much More Interesting Than Your Selfies…And How This Should Influence Your Small Business Marketing
Why The Blue Planet Is More Interesting Than Your Selfies - Small Business Marketing

Why ‘The Blue Planet’ Is Much More Interesting Than Your Selfies…And How This Should Influence Your Small Business Marketing

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“This is me at the Grand Canyon, this is me at the London Eye, this is me about to go scuba diving in the Caribbean…”

This is an idiot sharing their selfies.

The problem with these sort of touristy on-location selfies is never the content, it’s the perspective.

The crystal clear blue seas of the Caribbean are best enjoyed without some duck-pouting loon in the foreground.

Now compare this to The Blue Planet, where the sumptuous locations and expert camera work is not ruined by David Attenborough splashing around, front & centre.

We’re allowed to experience the undersea landscape for ourselves…and this allows us to forge a much deeper emotional connection with the subject matter.

For this reason I’m not surprised that more than any recent cultural or media event, Blue Planet has seen more of an attitude shift when it comes to things like single use plastics.

I mean, it’s not like we all didn’t know we were screwing up the oceans long, long ago…it’s just Blue Planet seemed to strike a nerve like nothing that had gone before.

Anyway, if you want to create powerful advertising for your small business, you would be advised to take heed of all this.

You see, you need to allow your reader, viewer or listener the chance to enter the place in their mind where you want them to go. To swim in their own ocean, so to speak.

And quite simply they can’t do that if you’re there – occupying ‘their’ space.

It’s another stark reminder that effective small business marketing – whether it’s online or offline – needs to be 100% focused on your potential customer and what they need to achieve, the problem they need solving, the itch they have to scratch.

Banging on about your latest industry award, your shiny new bit of kit or your special new showroom is about as interesting to your potential customers as seeing another awful Love Island or TOWIE selfie is to me.

That’s not to say that in your small business marketing you should never point the camera at yourself – your prospects and customers really should get to know the person behind the business on camera or on video

But when you do put yourself in the frame you need to be even more focused on delivering content that’s about THEM, not you.

In closing this post I must make reference to ‘Home Movies’ from The Wizard of Ads by Roy H Williams – my inspiration for this post – anyone with even the slightest interest in small business marketing, advertising or influencing consumer behaviour should check out this 1998 classic.

As always I’m keen to hear your thoughts on this post, so please comment below – but please spare me your thoughts on TOWIE or Love Island…